We asked our Director of Advanced Disco Moves, James Longworth, what you can expect on one of our silent disco dance tours.

“Honestly every tour is different as we improvise our music choice, interactions with innocent members of the public and even sometimes the route!  Some aspects of the adventure are generally the same though. We start our tours with a gentle lesson in some awesome disco moves. Once everyone has found their groove we hit the road and take in some of the sites and sounds of the City to an unforgettable soundtrack.  Most of our Adventures last about fifty minutes to an hour and the pace rarely stops. At the end most people look like they have had a bonus workout by mistake!

The hour goes by so fast as we have a lot to get through.  Places to see, photos to take, songs to sing, moves to show-off, maybe even a catwalk!

We welcome all ages over five. You are never too old or young to get into the spirit!  Even if you hate dancing and singing you will leave entertained.  I’m personally so proud of all the five star reviews that we get. It’s such a testament to our team that people so appreciate the joy they get from Silent Adventures. I hope to welcome countless thousands more adventurers this season!”

Want to try it for yourself? View our available Silent Adventure dance tours