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Our Silent Disco Hire packages allow you to create your very own Silent Disco event. What’s a Silent Disco?  Imagine a room full of people dancing away to nothing. Well at least that’s what it appears like if you’re not wearing a set of Silent Adventure headphones. The soundtrack is essentially broadcast into all the headsets. Whilst it works great with one channel, it works even better with more! Multiple channels allow for multiple DJs or soundtracks playing simultaneously and the audience can simply flick between the channels meaning that a portion of the dance floor are likely to be dancing to something else – it gets competitive (and extremely fun). Perfect for all types of events and audiences…

3 Channel LED Silent Disco headphones

Free UK (mainland) delivery and collection

Simply plug in and you're ready to party

Friendly support and tech advice on tap

Simple Silent Disco Hire Packages...

We hook you up with all the gear you’ll ever need in a no-brainer, user-friendly package. Your rental even comes with extra Silent Disco headphones, handy instructions for using the stuff, and we’ll deliver it and arrange collection. Plus, if you run into any snags, our team’s got your back for tech support.



















Silent nights silent disco hire company

What's in the box?

You’ll receive 3 Silent Disco Transmitters, the Silent Disco Headphones quantity you ordered, some spare headphones, a 3.5mm audio jack leads to connect your audio device to the transmitters, a set of simple instructions and power leads.

Remember delivery and collection is included to any mailand UK address.

Or why not jump on one of our regular silent disco walking tours? (it's what we're famous for!)

Bespoke & Private Silent Disco Experiences

Stag & Hen Silent Disco Tours in Edinburgh

No other method surpasses this for breaking the ice in a freshly formed stag or hen group!

Birthday/Private Party Silent Disco Experiences

In search of an unforgettable start to your special birthday party? Your quest stops right here!

Corporate & Office Party Silent Disco Experiences

Tailored for off-site team-building excursions, yet equally suitable for spontaneous after-work celebrations, whether within the office or beyond!

Silent Adventures for Large Events

Inject a touch of excitement into your event. We’ll fashion a personalized silent adventure to perfectly complement…

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Silent nights silent disco hire company

Award-winning Silent Disco Experiences

Silent Adventures are the UK’s leading Silent Disco Walking Tour company, providing unforgettable Silent Disco Experiences & Hire Equipment.

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