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Welcome to Silent Disco Adventures Edinburgh.

            It's a Flash Mob.
It's a Silent Disco.
      It's a Roaming, Rhythmic Riot.

Join the Silent Adventures Team as we lead you in song and dance around the beautiful streets of Edinburgh for our famous one hour guided adventure. Expect all your inhibitions to evaporate away as you don our hi-tech headsets and bust some funky new moves whilst singing your heart out and serenading the rest of the world. With five star reviews all year-round this is Edinburgh’s famous resident silent disco tour troupe.

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Please check your booking confirmation email for your tour start and finish time. Most of our public tours start and finish at: The Piper’s Rest, Hunter Square, Edinburgh, EH1 1QW

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Bespoke & Private Silent Disco Experiences

Stag & Hen Silent Disco Tours in Edinburgh

There’s no better way to break the ice of a newly formed stag or hen group! 

Birthday/Private Party Silent Disco Experiences

Looking for something different to kick off a special birthday party? Look no further…

Corporate & Office Party Silent Disco Experiences

Ideal for away days but just as good for an impromptu after-work celebration (in or out of the office!)

Silent Adventures for Large Events

Add some extra flavour at your event. We’ll create a bespoke silent adventure to suit…

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Silent Adventures are the UK’s leading Silent Disco Walking Tour company, providing unforgettable Silent Disco Experiences & Hire Equipment.

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