Our corporate silent disco tours are afoot…

We’re really excited by the range of corporate and private silent disco tour requests we have been getting recently. There is never a dull moment in our inbox! From a creative perspective it is great to be given a brief and try to work out how we can create a product to fulfil our client’s needs. No Silent Adventure is ever the same and this is particularly true for our corporate clients. We thought the office Christmas parties were bonkers as we danced around the offices of various Edinburgh businesses but it was nothing compared to some of the events we are currently planning.

One of the most fun adventures we’ve had recently was for Glenmorangie this week. As they are launching their Ardbeg Grooves Committee Release, we took their team on a groovy Peat and Love silent disco adventure tour. Decked out in 60s wigs and glasses we had a riot up the Royal Mile and boogied over the Bridges! Possibly the highlight of the tour was their own office security guard not recognising them as we pitched up back at their HQ singing and dancing!

Bankers are getting in on the act too. They obviously aren’t anything like how they used to be! We’ve had a run of bookings from the big Edinburgh banks. Some wanting team-building (we will get everyone singing off the same song-sheet!). Some just need to let their hair down. We even have a 100 strong charity event in the pipeline. Watch this space!

Interested in hosting a silent disco tour for your business? We can cater for events up to 200 people in or outside. The weirder and wackier the better for us and with festival season approaching we can’t wait to get our teeth into some of the outside events that we have been booked for. We have danced to the sun god (using Blame it on the Boogie) and await his warming rays…

A little vid of the fine Ardbeg crew in action…

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'It's just about the most fun you can have with your clothes on'

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