Silent disco street team

We wanted to find a way to thank all the incredible key workers around the world, who are helping fight this virus in their own different ways…

We also wanted to spread a little joy amongst our team, as well as the many Adventurers who have boogied with us across our network of cities.

Hence, the Frontline Four-Step was born! A simple, repetitive line dance soon to be sweeping the nation – move over the Slosh, the Frontline Four-Step has arrived, to the stunning soundtrack of Dolly Parton’s ‘Everyday Hero’ (click here to hear the track).

Now that our amazing hosts and guides from across our many cities have completed their video, IT’S YOUR TURN! We want to create a super edit of everyone who gets involved in our next video.

It’s easy – watch the Frontline Four-Step tutorial video, learn the simple steps and send us your video for the final edit. Once you’ve got that down, it’s time to be creative – you can keep your presentation clean and slick, or you can go crazy with props, costumes and lights. It can be as fancy as you make it!

1 – Watch this to get the idea…

2 – Watch the tutorial & learn the moves…

3 - Send us your dance clip for the next video...

Here are a few guidelines when filming your dance moves…

  1. Film in landscape – this is super important, so we don’t end up with any squished up videos in the final edit!
  2. Try to get your whole body, including feet, in the video! You can film in the garden, your front room – anywhere!
  3. Please don’t break any of the Government social distancing rules to film your videos – we will not include videos where these guidelines have clearly been breached.
  4. If you can, film an entire rotation of the Frontline Four-Step. That’s four times in a square. This will give us plenty of options when editing all of your footage.
  5. Add some of your best and craziest dance moves before and after the Frontline Four-Step choreography. We want to see your best air-guitar too!
  6. Upload your video, including your name and where you live, and you might get a featured full-screen moment in the final video!
  7. HAVE FUN – we hope rehearsing and filming the Frontline Four-Step might brighten up your day a little, and break any monotony!

Why not share with your friends and family too – let’s get the nation and beyond dancing, to say thank you to our amazing key workers!

Are you a key worker? We would love you to join us too! Why not dance down the shopping aisles, wards, pharmacies, depots, classrooms, offices and everywhere else?

Have fun, get dancing and we can’t wait to see and share your incredible Frontline Four-Step videos.

All set? Send it over…

Frontline Four Step Submission
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