Silent Disco Adventures are covid-19 ready and safe with social distance measures

We are BACK!

Safe, Approved & Good to GOOOOOOOO!

We want to let you know how we’re still keeping our tours safe as social distance restrictions start lifting

We can’t tell you how excited we are to relaunch our Silent Disco Walking Tours across the UK this summer. Safety has always been our top priority and our team have been working extremely hard behind the scenes to make sure that our tour remains a safe and enjoyable outdoor activity.

These are the measures we are putting in place across all of our Silent Disco Tours to maintain a safe outdoor experience…

Face Coverings at all times

Though this is not a government guideline for outdoor activities, due to joyous singing and explosive laughter in public we strongly encourage the use of face coverings for everyone’s safety. Our guides will be wearing them (but not our host who’s dulcet tones you need to enjoy to the max).  We accept that this is a personal choice but hope that the majority of our customers will join the team with masks.

Updated routes with more space

In most cases, we have changed our tour routes to accommodate wider pavements away from passers-by. We’ll also slow down our tours and make more use of open spaces.

Headset Sanitisation

As always, all of our headsets are sanitised between use.  We have additional wipes for anyone who would like to do their own headset again.

Socially distanced content

We are avoiding any pinch points on our routes and customers are welcome to take as much space from others as they feel comfortable with.  None of our activities require close contact with others.

100% Outdoor

We’ll now be running all aspects of our tours, including ticket checks and headset distribution, out in the open air so we maintain a safe 100% outdoor activity.

With these steps set in place alongside the existing safety measures we have always operated, we’re confident that our Silent Disco Tours will provide one of the most fun and safe outdoor experiences to be enjoyed right now. We do hope you’ll join us soon for a dance.

Let’s get the show back on the road!!! 🕺

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