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The award-winning Silent Adventures Team have arrived in Newcastle and we’ve brought the boogie! Get those dancing shoes ready as we lead you around the party-filled streets of Newcastle for our famous one hour silent disco adventure. Wave bye-bye to all of those inhibitions, don our hi-tech headphones and prepare to throw some serious shapes whilst singing your hearts out to the rest of the toon! This is quite probably the most joy you’ll ever experience with your clothes on…

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More Silent Adventure Tours will be announced in the coming weeks
(follow our Facebook page to keep in the loop)

Looking for more?

More Silent Adventure Tours will be announced in the coming weeks
(follow our Facebook page to keep in the loop)

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Bespoke Private Silent Disco Tours in Newcastle

As well as our public Newcastle silent disco adventure tours, we provide tailored private silent disco tours for groups of 20 or more people upon request. Perfect for bigger groups looking to throw their own style of shapes. We’re happy to sculpt the theme of the tour in order to fit with your personal tastes. Get in touch and we’ll happily take you through the options. Or have a ganders below for some ideas…

Stag & Hen Silent Disco Tours

Stag & Hen Silent Disco Tours

Staging a stag or hen do in the great city of Newcastle? How better to start the shindig and break the ice than with a one hour Silent Disco Adventure?!

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Silent Disco Birthday Parties

Birthday Party Silent Adventures

We all love a birthday party! Our Silent Disco Tours in Newcastle are the perfect way to mark yours in style, no matter what age you happen to be!

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Silent Disco Corporate events

Corporate & Office Silent Adventures

Our tailored Silent Disco Tours are perfect for team building events, office-away days or simply for one of those spontaneous post-work celebrations (in or out of the office!)

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Silent Disco Festival parties

Silent Adventures for Events

Hosting an event or a festival? Infuse it with something creative and unique with a Silent Disco Tour. We’ll design an exclusive silent adventure to suit your crowd…

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Private Bespoke Zoom Dance Parties
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Latest from the blog…

“The tour was an absolute riot from start to finish… I just wish it had lasted longer – I would have quite happily spent another hour on the tour. I can’t wait to go again!”

The Travel Magazine

“It’s just about the most fun you can have with your clothes on.”

The Echo

“Nevermind the must see, this silent disco is a must do!”

Deadline News

“Unreal! I haven’t laughed like that in ages. Silent Adventures is absolutely smashing it!”

Jonny Bongo
Gail Porter Silent Adventures Fan

“The best fun ever!”

Gail Porter

It’s a roaming, rhythmic riot around the streets of Liverpool and It needs to be experienced to be believed!”

Independent Liverpool

“Great tunes, excellent organisation, and just utter fun! YOU MUST DO THIS!”


“You have to experience this. Best hour of my life. Sorry kids.”


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Calling all fun-lovers, actors, performers, comedians, dancers and eccentrics in Newcastle!! If you think you have what it takes to help out or even host a tour, then get in touch! Click on the button below and fill out a tiny form to get things rolling…

We’re also looking to train up hosts for tours opening across new cities – know someone?

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