Silent Disco Adventures in Aberdeen

Lauren Mitchell brings Silent Adventures to Aberdeen

We’re delighted to be working with Lauren Mitchell to bring Silent Adventures up to Aberdeen. Lauren tells us how it all began…

Aberdeen silent disco TourIt all started in Edinburgh, on a hen party. The suggestion was thrown around that we would be doing a silent adventure tour around the streets with music… Being a radio presenter, I love music so THIS was totally up my STREET!

The only thing is… Can I dance? In front of people? On the street?

Fast forward a couple of months to the day of the Silent Adventure tour, I genuinely have never had so much fun in all my life. I handed back those headphones after what felt like 5 minutes (was actually 50 minutes!) and I just told anyone and everyone who would listen to how brilliant it was. I remember trying to explain to my mum how great fun it was and saying to her, “We will do it together, one day!!!”

I was driving back to Aberdeen and on the trip, I thought about it again and again and smiled every time I relived the moment of being in those headphones and I thought to myself…. Have I ever seen this in Aberdeen or on the streets of Aberdeen? The answer was no.

Do I wanna do it in Aberdeen? YES
Do I want to take it to the streets of Aberdeen? The answer is YES!
Could I be a host? YES
Could I lead the tour round in a presenter-like style? YES

They’re always trying to boost city visitor numbers and I am passionate about my city…

So I emailed Silent Adventures and just asked them, is it possible to do a couple of tours in Aberdeen? A couple of minutes went by, another couple of minutes went by…. THEN! I got a reply from Mat Urey, the Chairman of Public Shapes. Within just a couple of weeks, Aberdeen Silent Adventures was GO!

Lauren Mitchell Silent AdventuresAll of my life, I have loved radio, music, singing, dancing, acting, drama, all of these things rolled into one have finally just fallen into place in the best 50 minutes you’ll ever experience. With my extensive background in radio broadcasting and passion for my local area, I can’t wait to get started on spreading the Silent Adventure love around my city.

I am so proud to be part of the Silent Adventures in Aberdeen as I believe that this sort of bright, energetic and lighthearted fun is needed within the city centre. What I love about it is that everyone is invited, it’s such an inclusive activity and seriously gives you that infectious happiness!

Aberdeen Silent Adventures… LET’S DO THIS!Join us on an Aberdeen Christmas Silent Disco Adventure Tour in collaboration with Friend’s of ANCHOR

Secure your tickets for Aberdeen’s Christmas Village this December (Lauren might even appear in a few of them!) and watch out for our regular tours launching next year…


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