Silent Disco Liverpool City Tour

How we do Silent Disco Adventures in Liverpool

Our top dog in the north, Alan Cross gives an insight into what to expect on a Silent Adventure tour in Liverpool...

It’s 2.45pm on a Saturday at Tavern On The Green; the Sun is shining, the headsets are charged, and you and the other guests have just arrived, some in large groups, some small. Very soon, you’ll be starting your Silent Adventure together.

Checking in with your Guide, you’re issued with your own personal headset and, as the clock strikes 3pm, you make your way outside. Following a brief pep talk, you follow your Guide to the starting point and then… it begins!

As soon as those headsets go on, and you shut out the rest of the world, you can’t help but become a slave to the rhythm.

Now, we’re not going to give away what tunes you’ll experience, but we’ve been doing this for some time now and we can tell you that from the first beat of that first song, everybody starts to dance. And we mean everybody! Don’t worry, we start off nice and easy, warming you up, slowly and expertly shedding those inhibitions and then, once you’re all feeling fast and loose, we’re off, moving and grooving though the streets of the music capital of the UK.

There’s something for everyone on this tour, from Dad Rock to good ol’ fashioned Camp, by way of Soul, Latin and modern poptastic classics! You’re immersed in songs you love, songs you’ve forgotten you love, and songs you’ll come to love. It’s impossible to take yourself seriously on your Silent Adventure and within minutes you’ll singing and dancing and laughing, with not a care in the world! But, be warned! You’ll work up quite a sweat!

The big surprise is how much fun you’ll have with the general public! It’s an hour of spreading joy and smiles whilst you have the time of your life!

After an hour, you’ll find yourself back at Tavern On The Green, were you hand in your headsets, glowing and grinning and gasping for a drink and wishing you could do it all over again!

We’ve been told the feel good factor last for days on end, with people’s mood lifted well into their working week. We’ve even been told, on more than one occasion, that Silent Adventures be available on the NHS!

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'It's just about the most fun you can have with your clothes on'

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