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You better look out your dancing shoes, and warm up those voices, because Glasgow – Silent Adventures is here! We listened, and our award winning team have designed the perfect Silent Disco Tours to fill the streets with the ultimate dad dancing, and auto-tuned vocals. Our one hour tours will transport you into our bubble of love, thanks to our top of the range headsets, and our highly entertaining hosts. Its an experience you’ll never want to end!

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Bespoke Private Silent Disco Tours in Glasgow

We run our public Silent Disco tours all through the year in Glasgow, but perhaps you want an experience tailored to your every need? That we can do – we can put together a private tour for 20 or more of your posse, to whatever theme or era you fancy! The more information you give us about your group, and your taste, the more incredible your Silent Adventure will be! Get in touch, and we’ll put together your perfect package!

Stag & Hen Silent Disco Tours

Stag & Hen Silent Disco Tours

Paintballing? Boring! Cocktails? So last year… what about a Silent Disco Tour, through the streets of Glasgow, full of top class tunes, killer choreography, and one average-looking host with a personality that makes up for it. The perfect way to kick off a weekend of madness…

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Silent Disco Birthday Parties

Birthday Party Silent Adventures

We’re coming out, so you better get this party started – your Silent Adventures birthday party!! We can personalise the perfect birthday tour, no matter what your age! You’ll be fighting people off to get a ticket to the hottest birthday event in town, so get in touch now…

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Silent Disco Corporate events

Corporate & Office Silent Adventures

No matter how exciting your workplace is, we can spice up your 9 to 5 with an incredible Silent Disco Tour just for you and your team. Get ready to see profits soar after your staff have joined us for a Silent Adventure, tailored to your every need – just don’t hold us to that!

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Silent Disco Festival parties

Silent Adventures for Events

Whether you’re hosting a huge music festival, a comic convention, an antiques fair, or a good old get-together for the sake of it, Silent Adventures couldn’t be more perfect for you! Our Glasgow Silent Disco Tours can cater to wherever you are and whatever you need…

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Private Bespoke Zoom Dance Parties
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Looking to create a Silent Disco at your event? We have hireable equipment and packages to suit a huge range of events across the UK. Click for more information


We’re on a mission to bring Silent Adventures across more cities in the coming months. Interested in making it happen in your city? We’d love to hear from you…

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Latest from the blog…

“The tour was an absolute riot from start to finish… I just wish it had lasted longer – I would have quite happily spent another hour on the tour. I can’t wait to go again!”

The Travel Magazine

“It’s just about the most fun you can have with your clothes on.”

The Echo

“Nevermind the must see, this silent disco is a must do!”

Deadline News

“Unreal! I haven’t laughed like that in ages. Silent Adventures is absolutely smashing it!”

Jonny Bongo
Gail Porter Silent Adventures Fan

“The best fun ever!”

Gail Porter

It’s a roaming, rhythmic riot around the streets of Liverpool and It needs to be experienced to be believed!”

Independent Liverpool

“Great tunes, excellent organisation, and just utter fun! YOU MUST DO THIS!”


“You have to experience this. Best hour of my life. Sorry kids.”


Be Part of The Silent Team…

Lets face it… we know this is the best job in the world. We are the happiness makers. And you want a piece of the action, right? Well, come on board! We are looking for hosts and guides for our amazing Silent Disco Tours in Glasgow. We want energy, we want fun, we want awful dad jokes, and cheesy dance moves! If that sounds like you, just hit the button below, and sign your life away to us – it’s totally worth it!

We’re also looking to train up hosts for tours opening across new cities – know someone?

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