Christmas Eve zoom party

Get ready for ‘Boogie Wonderland’- Lock-in around the Xmas Tree


For our next Zoom Dance Party 4pm on Christmas Eve…

Altogether now… ‘I’m dreeeaaaminggg of a whhhhiiiiitttte Chrrriiisssttmaasss’

Well dream no more as we invite you to join the Disco InFurlough Family for Christmas Eve!

We have LOVED getting to know you, your family and friends in 2020.  It simply wouldn’t be Christmas without sharing some laughs, dance moves and an age-appropriate tipple with our disco family.  This Christmas Eve we will all be there with our finest Dad-Dancing, Christmas Jumpers, and a special guest from the North Pole as we find out who has been Naughty and who’s on the Nice list this year!

Bring the family, invite your friends from around the world and we hope to welcome you to Boogie Wonderland for a magical, festive one hour online special.  Christmas Eve 24th December 2020, 4-5pm

What is it?

This hosted event will last approximately 1 hour via Zoom consisting of dancing, banter and games suitable for old and young. Have a look at our video below for the highlights of one of our previous zoom parties. Zoom is free to download on any device.

How much are tickets?

Your presence is more important to us than your money so we’ve set a voluntary ticket price – Simply choose what you’d like to pay! You can buy your ticket here

Dress Code?

Our zoom parties are very well known for a bit of fancy dress or flamboyant attire. Slap on some glad rags and dance like everyone is watching!

About our Zoom Parties…

We do private bespoke parties too by the way!

Our series of online parties throughout lock-down (Disco In-Furlough) went down a storm and we vowed to run a few special one-off events throughout the year. We also run private bespoke zoom parties for all types of occasions from Halloween parties, Christmas parties, Office parties, birthday parties etc.


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