Christmas Silent Disco Adventures

Christmas is coming,
It’s time to get quite merry…
Let’s play some tunes,
dance like loons,
and end with Mariah Carey?

Yes we can’t wait for our Festive Silent Adventures to kick off this year!  We know that people love Silent Adventures and we couldn’t resist creating some magical Christmas tours to embrace all that’s so special about the festive period.

Stick on our headsets with full Christmas light mode engaged, then relax as our hosts remove your inhibitions and take you to a world of festive joy.  We have enough tours and times to suit everything from large office parties to family days out.  We have even just added fourteen new Silent Adventures on Saturdays in December alone as they are selling like hot chestnuts!

Get booked up now, get that tinsel and glitter ready and prepare yourselves for a Silent Adventure to remember!

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'It's just about the most fun you can have with your clothes on'

The Echo

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